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Pillow topper memory foam pocket spring mattress

Pillow topper memory foam pocket spring mattress
Model: 481
Product Description:

High density super comfortable memory foam

- To relieves pressure from hips and shoulders

- To reduce tossing, inhibits dust mites & aid allergy sufferers

- It is endorsed by physiotherapists wordwide

- Supports & distributes weight which helps eliminate morning aches & pains
memory foam

5 zone pocket spring system
The support you need, where you need it. The 5 zone system makes sleeping good but waking even better. You'll get targeted support to your five essential areas: head-to-neck, shoulders, hip-to-pelvis, lumbar and legs. The lumbar and head-to-neck regions are made firmer to ensure you get that extra support. And the high pressure shoulder and heavier hip-to-pelvis regions are made softer to relieve tension. When you're fully supported, your spine is naturally aligned. When your spine is aligned, you'll enjoy a pain-free awakening.
5 zone pocket spring
High density foam
Perfect for creating the firmness level you love. High density foam allows us to vary the feel of the mattress without compromising comfort. It rebounds fast and is incredibly responsive to match your favourite sleeping position. Your spine will feel better aligned. Your back
and neck will never have felt so good.


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